secret iphone codes
secret iphone codes

secret iphone codes

Secret iPhone Codes: Unlocking the Hidden Features of Your Device


The world of smartphones is filled with hidden secrets, and the iPhone is no exception. Beyond the familiar apps and settings, there lies a realm of secret codes that can unlock a wide range of functionality. These secret iPhone codes, also known as "dialer codes" or "field test codes," provide a direct gateway to hidden features, diagnostics, and troubleshooting tools. By understanding and utilizing these codes, you can enhance the capabilities of your iPhone, gain insights into its inner workings, and even resolve technical issues.

Section 1: Essential Secret iPhone Codes

Sub-section 1: Field Test Menu (FTM)

  • **Dial: 3001#12345#

The Field Test Menu is a comprehensive diagnostic tool that provides a wealth of information about your iPhone’s network, signal strength, and hardware. It allows you to:

  • Monitor real-time signal strength in decibels (dB)
  • Check the number of active and dropped calls
  • View information about your carrier and network type
  • Test the performance of various cellular bands

Sub-section 2: Developer Options

  • *Dial: #21#

The Developer Options menu is a hidden setting that unlocks advanced features for developers and power users. It enables you to:

  • Access USB debugging mode for connecting to developer tools
  • Control the display of layout bounds and screen refresh rates
  • EnableStrictMode to detect potential performance issues

Section 2: Troubleshooting Secret iPhone Codes

Sub-section 1: Check Coverage and Signal Strength

  • *Dial: 3001#12345#0#

This code opens the Coverage Map, which displays a detailed visualization of your cellular signal strength and coverage. It can help you identify areas with poor reception or potential signal interference.

Sub-section 2: Reset Network Settings

  • Dial: ##8255##

If you’re experiencing network connectivity issues, this code will reset your iPhone’s network settings, including cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. It can resolve problems such as dropped calls, slow internet speeds, or failed connections.

Section 3: Advanced Secret iPhone Codes

Sub-section 1: Debug Information

  • Dial: ##735324&#

This code displays debug information about your iPhone, including:

  • Battery health and charging status
  • Carrier and SIM card details
  • Baseband and modem information
  • Software and hardware version numbers

Sub-section 2: Call Forwarding

  • *Dial: #21# to check call forwarding status
  • Dial: ##21# to disable call forwarding
  • Dial: 210# to forward all calls to 0

These codes allow you to manage call forwarding settings directly from the dialer. You can check the current status, disable forwarding, or forward all calls to a specific number.

Table: Secret iPhone Codes Summary

Code Function Section
3001#12345# Field Test Menu Section 1
*#21# Developer Options Section 1
*3001#12345#0# Coverage Map Section 2
##8255## Reset Network Settings Section 2
##735324&# Debug Information Section 3
*#21# (check forwarding) Call Forwarding Section 3
##21# (disable forwarding) Call Forwarding Section 3
210# (forward all calls) Call Forwarding Section 3


Secret iPhone codes are a powerful tool for unlocking hidden features, troubleshooting issues, and gaining a deeper understanding of your device. By mastering these codes, you can customize your iPhone’s functionality, improve its performance, and solve technical problems with ease. Remember to use these codes responsibly, as some functions may require administrator privileges or could potentially interfere with the normal operation of your iPhone.

FAQ about Secret iPhone Codes

1. What are secret iPhone codes?

Answer: Secret iPhone codes are special numerical sequences that can be entered into the Phone app to access hidden features and settings on your iPhone.

2. How do I enter a secret iPhone code?

Answer: Open the Phone app, tap the keypad, and enter the code followed by the # key.

3. What is the code to check my iPhone’s IMEI number?

Answer: *#06#

4. How do I display my iPhone’s field test mode?

Answer: 3001#12345#

5. How do I find out my iPhone’s battery health?

Answer: *#67#

6. What is the code to block all incoming calls?

Answer: #33000000#

7. How do I enable the hidden diagnostic menu?

Answer: #735563#

8. What is the code to enable call forwarding?

Answer: #21

9. How do I reset my iPhone’s network settings?

Answer: #50057672#

10. Can these codes damage my iPhone?

Answer: No, using these codes will not harm your iPhone as long as you use them correctly.