how to use live activities on iphone
how to use live activities on iphone

how to use live activities on iphone

How to Use Live Activities on iPhone: A Comprehensive Guide

With the introduction of iOS 16, Apple introduced Live Activities, a revolutionary feature that allows you to stay updated on ongoing events right from your Lock Screen and Dynamic Island. Whether you’re tracking the progress of a food delivery, monitoring the latest sports scores, or getting real-time updates on a ride-sharing service, Live Activities provide an unparalleled level of convenience and accessibility.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Live Activities on iPhone, empowering you to harness its full potential and stay connected to what matters most without unlocking your device. We’ll explore the various aspects of Live Activities, providing step-by-step instructions, helpful tips, and insights that will transform your iPhone experience.

Setting Up and Using Live Activities

Enabling Live Activities

Live Activities can only be accessed through compatible apps. To enable Live Activities for an app, open the app and navigate to its settings. Look for an option related to Live Activities and toggle it on. Once enabled, the app will be able to provide Live Activities updates on the Lock Screen and Dynamic Island.

Viewing Live Activities

Once Live Activities are enabled for an app, you’ll start seeing them on your Lock Screen whenever the app has an ongoing event to update. Live Activities are displayed as small widgets that provide real-time information about the event. You can tap on a Live Activity to open the corresponding app and get more details.

Customizing Live Activities

Managing Live Activities

You can customize and manage Live Activities to suit your preferences. To do this, open the Settings app on your iPhone, go to "Notifications," and then select "Live Activities." Here, you can enable or disable Live Activities for specific apps, as well as choose which specific activities you want to see.

Prioritizing Live Activities

If you have multiple Live Activities running, you can prioritize which ones you want to appear on the front. To prioritize a Live Activity, long-press on it and drag it up to the top of the list. This ensures that the most important Live Activities are always visible.

Troubleshooting Live Activities

Live Activities Not Showing Up

If you’re not seeing Live Activities for an app that supports them, there could be a few reasons. Check if the app is updated to the latest version and if Live Activities are enabled in the app’s settings. Also, ensure that your iPhone is running iOS 16 or later.

Live Activities Freezing

Sometimes, Live Activities may freeze or become unresponsive. To resolve this, close and reopen the app that’s providing the Live Activity. You can also try restarting your iPhone to clear any temporary glitches.

Table: Live Activities Supported Apps

App Category Notable Apps
Food Delivery Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub
Sports ESPN, CBS Sports, NBA
Ride-Sharing Uber, Lyft, Didi
Fitness Apple Fitness, Strava, Peloton
Shopping Amazon, Shopify, Etsy
Social Media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
News Apple News, CNN, BBC


Live Activities on iPhone are a game-changer, providing users with an unprecedented level of convenience and accessibility to ongoing events. By following the steps and tips outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to harness the full potential of Live Activities, customizing and managing them to suit your individual preferences. Whether you’re tracking the latest sports scores, monitoring a food delivery, or staying up to date with the news, Live Activities will revolutionize the way you stay connected to the world around you.

FAQ about Using Live Activities on iPhone

What are Live Activities?

Live Activities are real-time notifications that stay active on your iPhone’s lock screen or Dynamic Island. They provide dynamic information about ongoing events, such as sports scores, ride-share ETAs, or food delivery status.

How do I enable Live Activities?

Live Activities are available in apps that support them. To enable them, ensure the app has the latest update and grant it permission to show notifications in Settings > Notifications > [App Name].

How do I view Live Activities?

Live Activities appear on your lock screen or Dynamic Island. If they’re not visible, swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to access the Notification Center.

How do I interact with Live Activities?

Some Live Activities provide interactive options, such as tapping to expand or display more information, or tapping to perform an action (e.g., pause a timer).

How do I customize Live Activities?

You can’t customize the appearance of Live Activities, but you can choose how they are displayed. Go to Settings > Notifications > [App Name] and select the preferred display style (e.g., Compact, Expanded).

How do I disable Live Activities?

To disable Live Activities for an app, go to Settings > Notifications > [App Name] and toggle off “Live Activities.”

Do Live Activities use a lot of battery?

Live Activities are designed to be battery-efficient. They only update when necessary and use minimal power.

Can I dismiss Live Activities?

Yes, you can dismiss Live Activities by swiping them to the left.

What happens to Live Activities when I restart my iPhone?

Live Activities will be cleared when you restart your iPhone. They will reappear if the corresponding app is still active and has permission to display them.

What if I don’t see Live Activities from an app that supports them?

Make sure the app has the latest update and that you have granted it permission to show notifications. If Live Activities still don’t appear, contact the app developer for assistance.