how to use airdrop on iphone ipad
how to use airdrop on iphone ipad

how to use airdrop on iphone ipad

How to Use AirDrop on iPhone and iPad: A Comprehensive Guide


AirDrop is a wireless sharing feature that allows you to instantly transfer files, photos, videos, contacts, and more between nearby Apple devices. It’s a quick and convenient way to share content with friends, family, and colleagues without the need for internet or cables. This guide will walk you through the steps on how to use AirDrop on your iPhone or iPad, ensuring seamless file sharing.

Enabling AirDrop

Turning On AirDrop

  1. Ensure both the sending and receiving devices are within Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range.
  2. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Control Center by swiping down from the top-right corner (iPhone X and later) or up from the bottom edge (iPhone 8 and earlier, iPad).
  3. Tap and hold the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons to expand the settings.

Choosing the AirDrop Visibility

  1. Tap the AirDrop icon, represented by a bullseye with an upward arrow.
  2. Select one of the following visibility options:
    • Off: AirDrop is disabled, and your device is not visible to other devices.
    • Contacts Only: Only your contacts can see your device in AirDrop.
    • Everyone: All nearby Apple devices can see your device in AirDrop.

Using AirDrop to Send Files

Selecting Files for Transfer

  1. Open the app containing the file you want to send.
  2. Tap the Share button (usually located in the bottom left corner).
  3. Select AirDrop from the list of sharing options.

Choosing the Recipient

  1. AirDrop will automatically search for nearby devices.
  2. Tap on the profile picture or name of the recipient you want to send the file to.
  3. If the recipient accepts the transfer, the file will be sent immediately.

Using AirDrop to Receive Files

Receiving Files

  1. When someone sends you a file via AirDrop, a notification will appear on your device.
  2. Tap the Accept button to receive the file.
  3. The file will be saved to the corresponding app, such as Photos or Files.

Managing Received Files

  1. To view received files, open the Files app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on the "Downloads" folder to find the files you received via AirDrop.

Troubleshooting AirDrop

Problem Solution
AirDrop is not visible on the other device Ensure both devices are within Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range, have AirDrop enabled, and have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on.
Files are not being sent or received Check if the recipient has accepted the transfer. If the recipient is using an older Apple device, AirDrop may not be supported.
AirDrop is slow or unreliable Distance, interference, or low battery life can affect AirDrop’s speed and reliability. Move closer to the recipient or ensure both devices have sufficient battery power.


Using AirDrop on iPhone and iPad is a simple and efficient way to share files and content between Apple devices. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily enable AirDrop, send and receive files, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Whether you need to quickly share photos with friends or transfer important documents with colleagues, AirDrop makes the process seamless and hassle-free.

FAQ about How to Use AirDrop on iPhone and iPad

What is AirDrop?

AirDrop is a wireless file-sharing feature that allows you to share files between nearby Apple devices using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

How do I use AirDrop?

1. Turn on AirDrop: Open Control Center and tap the AirDrop icon. Select "Contacts Only" or "Everyone".
2. Select files to share: Choose the files you want to share from an app or folder.
3. Tap the Share button: Tap the Share button and select "AirDrop".
4. Choose the recipient: The AirDrop menu will show nearby Apple devices. Tap on the name of the device you want to share with.

Where can I find files I’ve received via AirDrop?

Received files are saved in the Downloads folder on your iPhone or iPad.

Can I share files with non-Apple devices?

No, AirDrop only works between Apple devices.

How can I adjust the AirDrop visibility settings?

You can choose to make your device visible to "Contacts Only" or "Everyone" in the AirDrop settings in Control Center.

What types of files can I share via AirDrop?

You can share photos, videos, documents, websites, and other types of files that are supported by AirDrop.

Can I decline an AirDrop request?

Yes, when you receive an AirDrop request, you can tap "Decline" to cancel the transfer.

How can I troubleshoot AirDrop issues?

  • Make sure Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled on both devices.
  • Ensure that AirDrop is turned on and set to the same visibility setting on both devices.
  • Check the distance between the devices. AirDrop has a limited range.
  • Restart both devices.

Does AirDrop use internet data?

No, AirDrop uses a direct Wi-Fi connection between the devices, so it does not consume internet data.