how to set personalized contact poster on iphone
how to set personalized contact poster on iphone

how to set personalized contact poster on iphone

How to Set a Personalized Contact Poster on iPhone: A Comprehensive Guide

In the bustling world of communication, we often rely on our smartphones to connect with loved ones. As personalized contact posters become increasingly popular, they offer a unique way to distinguish callers and add a touch of personality to our interactions. If you’re eager to enhance your iPhone’s aesthetics and functionality with a personalized contact poster, follow this detailed guide for a seamless setup experience.

Section 1: Understanding Personalized Contact Posters

A personalized contact poster is an image that appears on your iPhone screen when you receive a call from a designated contact. It serves as a visual representation of the caller, allowing you to easily identify who’s reaching out without glancing at your phone’s name display. By choosing a picture that captures the essence of your relationship with each contact, you’ll transform your calling experience into a more personalized and enjoyable one.

Section 2: Setting Up Personalized Contact Posters

Once you’ve selected the desired images for your contacts, it’s time to set up personalized contact posters. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

2.1 Finding the Contact

Open the Contacts app on your iPhone and find the contact you want to personalize. Tap on their name to view their contact details.

2.2 Adding an Image

Scroll down to the ‘Add Photo’ section and tap on ‘Change.’ Select an image from your Camera Roll or Photo Library that you’d like to use as the contact poster. Once selected, tap ‘Done.’

2.3 Cropping and Editing

The image will appear in a circular frame. If necessary, crop or edit the image to ensure it fits within the frame and captures the desired detail. Once satisfied, tap ‘Done’ to save the changes.

Section 3: Customizing Contact Posters with Apps

While the built-in iPhone features allow for basic contact poster customization, third-party apps offer advanced features and a wider range of options to tailor your posters. Here are some popular apps to consider:

3.1 TrueCaller

TrueCaller is a full-featured caller ID and spam blocking app that comes with a comprehensive photo editor for contact posters. It provides a vast library of templates, frames, and stickers to help you create unique and eye-catching designs.

3.2 Contacts+

Contacts+ is a complete contact management solution that includes an advanced photo editor with a wide range of customization options. You can adjust the shape of the contact poster, add text, choose from various backgrounds, and even create custom animations for incoming calls.

Table: Comparison of Contact Poster Customization Apps

Feature TrueCaller Contacts+
Photo Editor Basic Advanced
Templates and Frames Limited Extensive
Stickers and Graphics Yes Yes
Custom Shapes No Yes
Custom Text No Yes
Call Animations No Yes

Section 4: Best Practices for Contact Poster Creation

To create effective and visually appealing contact posters, consider these best practices:

  • Use clear and high-resolution images: Low-quality images can appear blurry or pixelated, detracting from the overall aesthetic.
  • Crop photos to focus on the face: Ensure the image is centered and fills most of the circular frame, capturing the most important features of the person’s face.
  • Choose images that match the caller’s personality: Select photos that evoke the essence of your relationship with each contact, making it easier to identify them on incoming calls.
  • Use a consistent style for multiple contacts: Create a unified visual theme by using similar colors, filters, or styles for posters of related contacts (e.g., family, friends, colleagues).


Setting up personalized contact posters on your iPhone is a simple yet effective way to enhance your calling experience. By following the steps outlined in this comprehensive guide, you can create unique and visually appealing posters that will bring a touch of personalization to every call you receive. With the flexibility of using built-in features or exploring third-party apps, you can customize your posters to perfectly reflect your relationships and make your iPhone even more expressive. Embrace the power of personalized contact posters and elevate your calling experience today!

FAQ about How to Set Personalized Contact Posters on iPhone

How do I set a personalized contact poster for someone?

Go to their contact info, tap "Edit," and select "Set Contact Poster."

How do I change the image for a contact poster?

Follow the steps in the previous answer, then tap on the photo to change it.

Can I use multiple photos for a contact poster?

Yes, you can create a montage of up to 5 photos.

How do I create a custom collage for a contact poster?

Tap "Custom Collage" and select the photos you want to use.

How do I remove a contact poster?

Tap "Edit" on the contact’s info page and select "Remove Contact Poster."

Can I use photos from my socials?

Yes, if you have given the app permission to access your photos.

How do I know if a contact has set a contact poster for me?

They will appear as a full-screen photo when you receive a call or message from them.

Can I opt out of having a contact poster set for me?

Yes, go to "Settings" > "Phone" and turn off "Contact Posters."

How do I turn off contact posters for everyone?

Go to "Settings" > "Phone" and tap "Never."

Can I use AR effects with contact posters?

Yes, you can add filters and animations to your contact posters.