best iphone wireless chargers
best iphone wireless chargers

best iphone wireless chargers


In today’s fast-paced world, where smartphones are indispensable tools, the need for reliable and efficient charging solutions has become paramount. Among the plethora of charging options available, wireless chargers have emerged as a convenient and effortless way to power up your iPhone. With the growing popularity of wireless charging technology, the market is flooded with an array of iPhone wireless chargers, each promising to be the "best." However, navigating through the sea of choices can be daunting. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the essential information you need to find the best iPhone wireless chargers that suit your specific needs and preferences.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best iPhone Wireless Chargers

Compatibility and Safety

Ensuring compatibility is the cornerstone of choosing the best iPhone wireless charger. Not all wireless chargers are created equal, and some may not be compatible with certain iPhone models. Before making a purchase, verify that the wireless charger you’re considering is compatible with your iPhone’s specific model. Additionally, prioritize wireless chargers that have been certified by reputable organizations like the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) or Apple’s Made for iPhone (MFi) program. These certifications guarantee that the charger meets industry safety standards and will not damage your iPhone.

Charging Speed and Efficiency

The charging speed of a wireless charger is measured in watts (W). Typically, higher wattage chargers can deliver faster charging speeds. For the best iPhone wireless chargers, aim for chargers with a wattage of 7.5W or higher. This will ensure that your iPhone charges quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime.

Design and Convenience

The design and convenience features of a wireless charger can significantly impact your user experience. Consider the size and shape of the charger, ensuring that it fits comfortably in your desired charging location. Additionally, look for wireless chargers with non-slip surfaces or built-in stands to prevent your iPhone from sliding or falling off. Some wireless chargers also offer additional features like LED indicators to display charging status or the ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Types of iPhone Wireless Chargers

Based on their design and functionality, iPhone wireless chargers can be classified into several types:

Qi Wireless Chargers

Pronounced "chee," Qi is the most common type of wireless charging technology used in smartphones, including iPhones. Qi wireless chargers use inductive charging, where electricity is transferred wirelessly between the charger and the device through electromagnetic induction. Qi-certified wireless chargers are universally compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, including iPhones.

MagSafe Wireless Chargers

MagSafe wireless chargers are designed specifically for iPhone 12 and later models. MagSafe chargers utilize magnets to align and attach to the back of the iPhone, ensuring perfect placement for efficient charging. MagSafe chargers are typically more expensive than Qi chargers but offer faster charging speeds and magnetic accessories compatibility.

Top-Rated Best iPhone Wireless Chargers

Best Overall: Apple MagSafe Charger

For the ultimate wireless charging experience, the Apple MagSafe Charger stands out as the top choice. Its magnetic alignment system ensures perfect placement and fast charging speeds of up to 15W. The compact design and sleek aesthetics make it a perfect addition to any desk or nightstand.

Best Value: Anker PowerWave 10W Wireless Charger

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality, the Anker PowerWave 10W Wireless Charger is an excellent choice. It offers fast 10W charging speeds and is compatible with a wide range of Qi-enabled devices. The non-slip surface and compact design make it a convenient and reliable wireless charging solution.

Best for Multiple Devices: Belkin Boost Up Charge Dual Wireless Charger Pad

For users with multiple devices to charge, the Belkin Boost Up Charge Dual Wireless Charger Pad is an ideal solution. It features two charging pads, one for Qi-enabled devices and one for MagSafe-compatible iPhones. This allows you to charge both your iPhone and AirPods or Apple Watch simultaneously.

Comparison Table of Best iPhone Wireless Chargers

Feature Apple MagSafe Charger Anker PowerWave 10W Wireless Charger Belkin Boost Up Charge Dual Wireless Charger Pad
Compatibility iPhone 12 and later Qi-enabled devices Qi-enabled devices and MagSafe-compatible iPhones
Charging Speed Up to 15W 10W Up to 15W (MagSafe) and 7.5W (Qi)
Design Magnetic alignment Non-slip surface Dual charging pads
Price $49 $29.99 $59.99


Choosing the best iPhone wireless charger can significantly enhance your smartphone charging experience. By considering factors like compatibility, charging speed, design, and convenience, you can find a wireless charger that meets your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize fast charging, multiple device charging, or a budget-friendly option, there are numerous excellent iPhone wireless chargers available. Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your individual requirements and usage patterns.

FAQ about Best iPhone Wireless Chargers

What is a wireless charger?

A wireless charger is a device that allows you to charge your iPhone without having to plug it into an outlet. Instead, you simply place your iPhone on the charger and it will begin charging.

How do wireless chargers work?

Wireless chargers work by using electromagnetic induction. This is a process where electricity is transferred from one object to another without the use of wires. In the case of wireless chargers, the electricity is transferred from the charger to the iPhone.

What are the benefits of using a wireless charger?

There are several benefits to using a wireless charger.

  • Convenience: Wireless chargers are very convenient to use. You don’t have to worry about plugging your iPhone into an outlet, and you can charge your phone from anywhere.
  • Speed: Wireless chargers can charge your iPhone at the same speed as a wired charger.
  • Safety: Wireless chargers are safe to use. They are designed to prevent overheating and other accidents.

What are the different types of wireless chargers?

There are two main types of wireless chargers:

  • Qi wireless chargers: Qi wireless chargers are the most common type of wireless charger. They are compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, including iPhones.
  • MagSafe wireless chargers: MagSafe wireless chargers are a newer type of wireless charger that is designed specifically for iPhones. They use magnets to align your iPhone perfectly with the charging coil, which results in faster and more efficient charging.

How do I choose the best wireless charger for my iPhone?

When choosing a wireless charger for your iPhone, there are a few things to consider:

  • Power: The power of a wireless charger is measured in watts. The higher the wattage, the faster your iPhone will charge.
  • Qi compatibility: Make sure that the wireless charger you choose is Qi-compatible. This will ensure that it is compatible with your iPhone.
  • Features: Some wireless chargers come with additional features, such as the ability to charge multiple devices at once or to act as a stand for your iPhone. Consider which features are important to you when choosing a wireless charger.

How do I use a wireless charger?

To use a wireless charger, simply place your iPhone on the charging pad. The charger will automatically begin charging your phone.

How long does it take to charge an iPhone with a wireless charger?

The time it takes to charge an iPhone with a wireless charger varies depending on the power of the charger and the model of your iPhone. Generally speaking, it will take about two hours to charge an iPhone with a 7.5-watt wireless charger.

Can I use a wireless charger with a case on my iPhone?

Yes, you can use a wireless charger with a case on your iPhone. However, some cases may interfere with the charging process. If you are having trouble charging your iPhone with a case on, try removing the case and see if that solves the problem.

Are wireless chargers safe?

Yes, wireless chargers are safe to use. They are designed to prevent overheating and other accidents.